Geekfest 2008 - Poole, Dorset

Geekfest 2008 is open on the 26th and 27th May in Poole. Please see the website for details.
This book work has been made specifically for the Geekfest Bienalle at Branksome Chine in Poole. As a child I visited this stretch of beach on many occasions and the experiences there have been imprinted on my mind like the images and text of a book.

‘Horizon’ is a book scroll made from a beach mat. I have tried to incorporate a mixture of different media to record my memories and experiences of this coastal stretch, including photography printed onto tracing paper and transparencies, fiber and textile collages, stamped text, paint and other collaged photographic images. All the elements are held together by machine and hand stitching.
Some of the photographic imagery has been taken using a mobile phone camera; the image on the phone screen was then digitally photographed and printed out.

Dimensions: 171cm long x 25cm high (when unrolled)

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