My new favourite pastime

Looking at lovely houseware and craft websites!!!


SCB said...

It's a slippery slope - first the homeware sites, then you become addicted to Etsy, then you're broke before you know it! Sara

Abi said...

My favourite hobby too! or was anyway - I miss all the wonderful High street shops in England - can't find any decent ones here in Texas! I love online shopping, but it's just as fun to visit shops for real!
Thanks for your comments too!
Do you go by Abi or Abigail? My real name is Abigail, but I never use it!

Abigail Thomas said...

I used to just go by Abi, but somehow now I have started using Abigail too. It used to sound like I was being told off if anyone called me Abigail, but I have got used to it now!