London Art Fair 2010, Business Design Centre, Angel, London

Loved these two pieces (above) by artist Will Maclean. Sorry about blurry pics, I was trying to take them discreatly incase I was told off.

This piece was by Simon Morley. He had taken several pages of books and painted blocks of colour over the text. Quite liked the aesthetic of that.

And this piece was probably the best thing I saw today. Envelopes (security envelopes with those pretty patterns) folded to create a picture. Unfortunatley I didnt pick up the artist's name, if this piece is yours or you know whos it is please let me know and I can add the name to credit the piece!


SCB said...

I love the envelopes... thanks for posting the pics: very interesting. I like your triangles too; you're always working on really intriguing things! Hope the cold breaks soon, Sara x

Abigail Thomas said...

Thanks Sara! Its still cold, but not as bone chilling as it has been. Still, saying that I am still going out first thing tomorrow to buy a heater for my studio! Enough is enough!

Anonymous said...

Love the blocks of colour and the envelopes

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