After the Open Studios

Right so its been a week since the open studios and I am still trying to catch up with sleep! It was so knackering; hundreds, no thousands, of people passed through our doors over the 2 and half days and I had so many productive conversations about my work that I am still trying to get it to all sink in. I took this photo in a rare moment of relative quiet just to show you my space with people in it looking at my artists' books and my textile work on the wall and the textile bundles work in progress in the foreground there. Will post again soon when my brain has managed to catalogue and sort through all the info and ideas I have processed. Thanks to everyone that came along and hope to see you all next year.


georgievinsun said...

Would have loved to come along.. I'm glad it was so successful!

grace Forrest~Maestas said...

what a truly great space you have
and i have enjoyed reading about
it all. looking forward to more
of your perceptions/thoughts/images
as time passes and you have absorbed them. loved seeing the
bundles there. do you have a
way for them to be offered on the
i-net? as in, more directly, how
i could purchase one?

Abigail Thomas said...

thanks georgie; maybe next year?

thanks grace - thats a wonderful compliment. I haven't thought about selling them yet, although its a possibility I can set it up via paypal; are you interested? You know you can see them all in more detail on my flickr account...