Book Art Object project-archive glyph research book

Finally in the studio. Funny how ideas seem to come together so quickly here. Very exciting. So ive been working on ideas that encapsulate the Winterson text. Ladders and the written word were two important factors that came out. I was thinking of how to encorporate clay tablet enscriptions into a editioned piece but decided its too fragile. Then i thought, hang on, an archive! The text speaks of a library, researchers, why not?! So now its me thinking how to recreate a made up archive of materials 15 times, but to look unique. Easy. . .


Chris Gray said... could maybe emboss some hand-made paper with some glyphs...

I've done this with runes and ogham script before...both were mainly found on stone...and the heavy paper worked quite well.

I cut lino blocks...made the paper...then ran it through my litho press.

I can send some examples if you like?

...and I've got loads of paper to make heavy'd be most welcome to some :-)

x chris

Abigail Thomas said...

Thanks Chris; that's very kind of you. Yes I had thought of this option, And I vaguely remember seeing your glyph stuff (do you have a link to some images of that?), but I think I have decided that for this I won't try that but I do want to play around with embossing glyphs/pictograms for my next project (the Al-Mutanabbi street project) which will be a much shorter edition. For this I am actually going to concentrate on making an archive, so papers, notes, photos, traces, etc.... its all very exciting. Going to do a full post on it over at BookArtObject ( a minute now I am home from the studio.
Thanks again for your comment and offer.