SFCB Blog & Tumblr

I'm loving this blog right now. this post in particular: http://sfcb.org/blog/2011/04/10/books-and-bookboxes-by-joanne-b-kaar/

Check it out if you love book arts.

Also; after Ronnie started her Tumblr blog I decided it was cool and started one too; good for shouting out about little links etc.... come follow us both; mine is here: http://everyweekness.tumblr.com/ 


ronnie said...

I'm liking the sfcb blog too! and tumblr is a strange strange place... I'm experimenting with it to see how (or indeed IF) a tumblr blog may be incorporated in my research project.... I'm finding its a great place to plonk links and inspiration - and to find/connect with others who have similar interests.... oh and to make little notes on things found/blogged ... BUT the accuracy of some blogged/reblogged things in there often has me scrambling to 'correct' things I discover.... as an arteest of course I'm also wondering about ethical and practical things - like copyright, issues of 'ownership' and just what (if anything) is of benefit to the creators of works that are blogged (ad infinitum...) I'll be very interested in what you make of it all agi!

Abigail Thomas said...

yeah tumblr is odd; its good for dumping and shouting out about links you find interesting and maybe for finding out from others new sites to visit but yes i worry about the copyright issues too; hence why I don't much like to use images that are not mine, or that I don't explain well. It's something I'm not sure about on blogger too, I mean I love writing posts about other artists and their work, of course the post looks so much better and more interesting with images in and so I tend to use them without permission - but technically I am only reproducing them for my research and not to benefit me necessarily. Also I ALWAYS inc. a link to where I got them from and tell people who the person is. Its an advert for their work as I see it and if people do it to my stuff as long as there is a link to me then I'm happy. If any artist emails me and says they are not happy then I would remove the images immediately but so far its not happened.
accuracy on tumblr or anywhere on the web really is an issue, especially if we retweet, retumble, reblog things - wikipedia is a prime example - i guess its up to people like you and I to go around correcting things - have you ever corrected a wikipedia page?