Walter Benjamin & more BAO studio work

So Walter Benjamin. He was a very cool guy. A book called Walter Benjamin's Archive came out a year or two ago and it is a wonderful collection of his archived documents. Such a visual feast. Just wanted to mention it because I have been leafing through it every so often and it has given me so many ideas for this BAO project.
Book Cover
I especially like this page:
Archive document on the left; transcription on the right
I have been in the studio a bit today, working towards BAO of course. Here are some images.
Scrawled notes on a torn out book page
I also went to pick up the photos of the inscriptions for the book work and also went to the stationary shop (again!) and had some fun in there, getting the rest of my supplies for finishing BAO.
My stationary shop hoard - mostly for BAO

My favourite find; old, battered subscription cards

Photos developed for BAO - mini size - 4"x3"

Blackboard paint - for the research wall
As you can see I had fun! Still much to do but slowly getting there and its coming together. Ordered the white gloves and files (not boxes) and they are in the post. Exciting.


ronnie said...

exciting is the right word for it abigail! I love this online 'archive' as well.... so looking forward to seeing the finished results (I'll have to start thinking about my art&lies piece sometime soon....)

Abigail Thomas said...

yes it is turning into an online archive isn't it? it's something i've been thinking about.