Al-Mutanabbi Street Book Project - To the Power of Three

I'm nearly at the end of this project; I have had almost a year to think about it, and now I am trying to make it before my course starts.
Here are some mock up's of the final idea. 3 pamphlet style booklets, that will be printed on very cheap paper on my home printer, or even photocopied perhaps, staple bound.

i. Google Web ii. Google Images iii. Google Books

Information as content. Information as material. Information edited and reused.

More soon.


Sooner than I had thought!

I have been thinking about this more today after posting this and realise that another idea I had would make more sense. It's has the same basis; content as information, repeated, copied and redistributed information. I was writing this earlier and making this and listening to this and it all came together in my head. Al-Mutanabbi Street wasn't just a hub for selling books, shops also sold stationary, especially exercise books for kids to use at school. Now I love using cheap exercise books as my notebooks, there is something characteristic about them, and Sarah Bodman used one to write her 100 stories that she buried in the forest as per instructed by Kurt Johannessen. It makes sense to me to use this simple product in this project. It is an item that is used by children growing up all over the world, to copy, to practice and use in their learning. And copying is what this google idea is all about; using information from google searches, copying it out and using that as content. Instead of typing it all out as I have been doing, why not handwrite it, copy it out in an exercise book like we used to copy words and sentences at school while learning to write? So maybe my idea is growing in that direction now.

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