Banner Repeater - A Gallery on a Train Station Platform

Last weekend I went to a performance on a train; part of Banner Repeater's current exhibition events. Banner Repeater is a brilliant little gallery space and reading room on Platform One of Hackney Downs rail station. The show called Ten Chapters Seven Chapters, A Contents Page, Parenthesis and Footnotes was a series of performances and interventions as well as video and text work within the gallery space. The artists included were: Andrew Lanyon, Rebecca Lennon, Jenny Moore, Francesco Pedraglio, and Monica Rivas. The event that needed the most participation was Jenny Moore's train performance. To take part you needed to catch the 19.45 train from London Liverpool St to Cheshunt on the 28th Jan 2012, getting off at Hackney Downs where the performance ended. The train carriage I was on was so full of people attending the performance that it was hard to make anything out at all. As the train pulled out of Liverpool St station several people ran down the platform with the train, as if trying in vain to catch the moving carriages. Word spread that the next interventions would occur on the platforms of the next two stations, being stuck as I was on the track side of the train I hardly saw anything that happened, but between London Fields station and Hackney Downs there was a reading on the train, spontaneously 3 people in my carriage stood up and started reading from a sheet of paper >>>

The same words as each other but slightly out of sync. They finished just as we pulled into Hackney Downs station. The evening continued at Banner Repeater with more performances and the rest of the gallery works. The 'contents page' made by Ami Clarke was a sheet that was a cross between a gallery list of works and a map with a key; a diagram of works becoming work itself? Interesting. 

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Lynda Howells said...

what an amazing thing to do......lucky you!x