World Book Day Book

Here is a book that a friend and I made on the journey back from a day trip to Manchester on World Book Day. We went to see an exhibition of artists' books in John Rylands Library, BUT, it was CLOSED! Apparently Blue Peter (BBC kids show for non UK readers) had taken over the whole library for filming. We were so disappointed. We still had a good day, and seeing as it was World Book Day and we are book artists, we decided to make a book on the train to describe our day.
With limited materials, limited space and a very wobbly 2 hour high speed train journey we set to work:

In progress...

 In the light of day here is what the book looks like:

Comes with it's own little bag
Concertina structure
Front cover

"Here's one I made Earlier"
Interactive page! 
Back Cover
And it's double sided

From above
So you can see we had some fun, despite the disappointment of the day. Who else made a book on World Book Day?


Sara Bowen said...

Oh no, what a disappointment!!! Glad you managed to smile :) Love the idea of you making a book on the train!

ronnie said...

too cute! (and at least the day wasn't a total wash out... bonus!)

jackie said...

The two trips my sons remember most often are two visits to the same wildlife park, which was closed both times. We have a picture of them looking unhappy by the stone lions outside the gate ie this will be a day out to remember.