Mock Up's & Trials 1

 I've recently been spending a great deal of time in my studio testing ideas out and trialling new book structures. My experiments have included making my own bookcloth, testing the dos-a-dos bookbinding structure, making a mock up of a collaborative concertina book and trying to hand deboss/emboss paper.

handmade bookcloth
 I used this video and her method to make this bookcloth; the cloth itself is a thin African wax print cotton and the paper backing is normal white tissue paper. The video says to use Heat'n'Bond light, but I couldn't find that and used Heat'n'Bond ultrahold, which worked fine for me.
mock up

mock up

concertina mock up with handmade bookcloth

trying to deboss a nameplate on watercolour paper
 For the hand debossing I read about this method here, and thought I should at least try it. The thicker the paper the better the results I think.
trying to deboss a nameplate on watercolour paper 
And the trials continue! It feels like I am teaching myself by practising, and of course, by making mistakes....


ronnie said...

I really love making book models and trialling new techniques - even when things go dreadfully wrong I get a lot out of the experience..... and making your own book cloth is wunderbah wot! (ps the other way that I've tried - and it is a bit trickier but I think it may be more archival - using ph neutral PVA stippled onto 'rice' paper apply to cloth... cross fingers and toes as you go!)

Abigail Thomas said...

yeah it was great to make my own! yeah I was scared by that archival proper method, I am sure I will try it at some point. . . is that what you used for your BAO book?