Final MA Show - Work In Progress

Folding my catalogue pages
Stamping my catalogue pages
So the catalogue for the final show is more than just a catalogue; every page is made by the artist and used as an artwork rather than as a purely informational reference item.
The catalogue team did a wonderful job with the organising and designing, and we all just came along with our own pages to fold, cut, stamp and bind them in. The finished book is a beautiful object, and a moment in time for all of us. It will be for sale in our show shop during the exhibition.
Testing in my potential final show space
And it is all go towards the final show now, everyone is excited, stressed, and in a little bit of a panic! I am most definitely all of those things right now, and yet feeling like my practice is somewhat clearer to me, I have focus, and something really interesting to continue with after the MA is over. I also feel like I still have so much research and learning to do, but that will be part of my practice as an artist, and within a framework of knowledge and a desire to make work and experiment, the research could be a tool that informs everything I  continue with.
I came to the MA with a vague idea of a path to follow, it solidified into a project entitled Reading Machines, and while that title has stayed with me, my ideas, and making practice has developed into something I wasn't quite expecting, and yet most apt.

Sneaky preview of an idea for part of my final show installation


Helen M said...

Congratulations on your final MA show Abigail, hope all goes well - and for telling about Bob Brown - no wonder you've been so interested in him. I will check him out.

Abigail Thomas said...

Thanks Helen, there are two weeks left until assessments, so I am going to be VERY busy, but will post again afterwards with photos of the whole show. And yes, Brown is such a character, not much has been written about him, but what has been is really interesting. Hopefully I will be getting my essay on him published soon, if I do I will let you know.

Amanda said...

Hi Abigail,
Congratulations and good luck for the final show. Your photos make me really wish I'd made it to the one that was on while I was in London. Ah well! I'm just really happy that we managed to connect - it was really good to talk to you in person.
How much will the catalogues going to sell for? I am quite interested in getting one, unless it weighs a tonne and would cost a fortune to post.

Helen M said...

Abigail, that's great if your essay on Bob Brown will be published, please do let me know.
Like Amanda, I would be interested in buying one of your catalogues too.