LCBA - London Centre for Book Arts

Since graduating things have been hectic! The past week I have been helping Simon Goode set up the brand new and very very exciting London Centre for Book Arts. Lots of dirty, hard work has gone into this amazing and long overdue venture. Simon has had lots of help from excited and interested volunteers with varied backgrounds, and on Sunday the doors opened for the first Open Day.
The studio is not completely finished, but in just under 3 weeks the space has been transformed, and the machinery and equipment is slowly being de-rusted and put back together after long months in storage.

The Centre’s mission is to keep book-making skills alive, through teaching and community outreach in bookbinding, letterpress printing, papermaking, and related disciplines. And LCBA is the UK's first and only open-access educational book arts centre. How amazing is that?! I know alot of you bookie people that read my blog are from Australia and the US; and from what I hear are quite spoilt for these kind of centres. Here in the UK there is simply nothing like this, which is what makes this studio so exciting for everyone, the potential is huge. 

I will keep you posted on the developments of this place. And soon I will post on some work I've been thinking about making recently. 


Anna Mavromatis said...

What an awesome project!
Congratulations on playing a role in such wonderful endeavour!!!

Abigail Thomas said...

Yeah there was alot of de-rusting going on, and putting together of very heavy nipping presses! But I was just one of many keen volunteers, everyone has worked so hard, especially Simon, who's baby this is.

dinahmow said...

Congratulation, Abi! On graduating and on this. It's fabulous and worth cross-posting to BAO blog. Well, a link at least.
Good luck to everyone.

ronnie said...

ooooo if only there wasn't an ocean and thousands of kilometres between us..... I've heard about the development of LCBA in various podcasts (and other) - so its wonderful to see some pics and hear the terrif news --- I'm not aware of anything (other than the melbourne museum of print) that has all the gear open to the world (and in their case its principally old print gear - not necessarily booky things) ..... I WISH we ahd the vision and etc here in this land..... good luck on the opening

Abigail Thomas said...

I'll make a post to BAO too.

Helen M said...

Congratulations on your MA Abigial. The Book Arts Centre looks fantastic and exciting, and I'm not aware of anything quite like that here in Australia - you'd have to go somewhere for printmaking, somewhere else for bookbinding, somewhere else for letterpress etc. It would be wonderful to have access to a centre like this.

Abigail Thomas said...

Everything in one place has distinct advantages yes! Sorry, I thought there was a place like that in Aus, but i'm mistaken, just the US then.

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