Sorry it has been a while! I have been ill for a while, but getting back on track now.

Been felting today, in-between writing the full brief for 'Micro-Pages' and sending emails out etc...

These pictures are of the felt I am making experienting with netting between the layers.

I will probably embellish these with needle felting, buttons, embroidery etc... they are samplers for a felt fibre book I am thinking about making soon. I will write again soon with the full brief for 'Micro-Pages' and a news catch up.


countrymummy said...

Hi - Abigail. Your my first follower so I've come your way to say thank you. Your book project sounds fascinating. I've done a little book-making but it's something I'd like to do a longer course in to develop the skills.

treena said...

wow these look nice ive never had a go at felting but always wished i had, something else i guess for me to put on my to do list