Micro-Pages - A call for interest in this Book Art project


Calling all book artists and libraries and archive centres for interest in a book art microfilm project

‘Micro-Pages’ is an idea for a book arts exhibition. A series of selected artists’ books would be turned into a reel of microfilm. The work would be accessed through microfilm readers in participating libraries and archive centres.

A film on which printed materials are photographed at greatly reduced size for ease of storage.
Film containing micro-reproductions of documents for transmission, storage, reading and printing. Microform images are commonly reduced about 25 times from the original document size. (

I am looking for libraries and local archives that have working microfilm reader machines who are interested in participating in this book arts exhibition.

Artists who are interested should consider these guidelines when thinking about submitting book works:

The work should relate to the history of artists’ books, and/or history of libraries and archives.

Please take into consideration that the microfilm will be in black and white only.

The work should be no larger than A4 (210 x 297mm).

The work should be no longer than 30 pages.

Please register you interest in this project by emailing me at:

(Artists please also send details of your website or some images of your previous book works)


Abigail Thomas

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