Hackney Wicked is Wicked ~ Day One & Two

Day One
A Beautiful Sunset ~ From my studio window while Hackney Wick was buzzing with arty goings on.
A view of the Olympic Stadium in the setting sun from my studio window.
Day Two

While people have been coming round the studios I have been busy working in the corner talking to them every now and then. This is a collage I made on Day Two.

Here are some shots of my Artists' Books table with some of books on display for curious visitors to explore.

One amazing thing happened on Day Two ~ Stitchworks Jackie came to visit me! What a star! She doesnt even live in London. I was so happy to meet her in person and show her my work in the flesh. She came with her son and trekked all the way to Hackney Wick to see me, I feel very special, thank you Jackie, and thank you so very much for my gift.
More today, Day Three is about to begin. . .

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