Open Studios Day 3

Day 3 was the last open studios day. It was brilliant! I bought some gorgeous ceramics from Bridget Lennon who has a studio two doors down from mine. Here are my new purchases. The mug has such a painterly glaze with stunning pinks and blues.

The buttons are fantastic and in such wonderful green colours. The porcelain shot cups I fell in love with as soon as I saw them. One has little finger dimples in it where you hold it, and the glazes blow me away.

We had some tea breaks when we could catch our breath, it was very busy and tea was very much needed!
I also managed to spend some time making while 'on display'. I made these 4 collage/print cards during the day, hope you like them.


countrymummy said...

Beautiful things, particularly your collage cards. I have a growing collection of 'all-sorts' to collage with but never seem to have the time to put something together.

jackie said...

We had a good day, one gallery had its generator pinched and we arrived as the police were being called! I met one of my access tutors who was helping his girlfriend run her clothing stall - so that was nice too. One of your neighbours opposite, reminded us both so much of my other son that we couldn't stop laughing - he was so engrossed in his work and lost in his private world that he hardly noticed us.