Tea & Make

Hi Everyone!

Tea & Make is this Saturday! Its going to so much fun! I and my friend Eva will be running our Fibres to Felt stall all day selling teacosies and felt kits, my teabag sculptures and book packs. We will also be doing a special felting demo at some point during the afternoon so come and have a look.

There will be loads of other fantastic stalls and craft demos and workshops to join in with, as well as a great supply of tea and cakes! What more could you ask for?

Craft + Tea + Cake = One Awesome Day Out

See more info on their website: http://www.teaandmake.co.uk/

[Whats really exciting is that Selvedge will be there, I love that magazine!]


Carol said...

This looks like such a lot of fun, I wish I could join you there.

Stephanie V said...

The tea and make sounds great, I sooo wish I could get up to London.

How much are the felt kits? I have promised myself that I will begin a new creative hobby in the Autumn and felting sounds like fun and I have seen some beautiful creations that others have done.

Do you sell the kits anywhere else?


Abigail Thomas said...

Hi Steph, the felt kits are £7. I am planning to put them up for sale on my website when I get 5 minutes to do it! Lol! That would be using paypal. If your interested I can email you what colour packs i have left and you can pick one and we can sort it out. My email is abi-thomas@hotmail.co.uk

Deborah said...

sounds like fun!

jackie said...

Good luck with your stall, it all sounds fun. I'll tell you a secret,I don't really like the look of my piece for the exhibition, but I do like the feel of it, lots of texture and quilting. Thanks for your comments.


I love Selvedge too, glad to have found you in blogland

Carolyn ♥