Micro-Pages - Aims

‘Micro-Pages’ will start a conversation about the issues surrounding the display of artists’ books. A series of selected artists' books has been turned into a reel of microfilm for the touring exhibition. The work will be accessed through microfilm readers in participating libraries and archive centres. The books selected relate to the history of artists’ books, archives and libraries, or challenge the preconceptions of the future of preservation and display.
Each artist has had their book captured and preserved as microfilm; all the books are one after the other on one reel. Essentially the whole touring exhibition will be on one 35mm reel of microfilm.

Having worked in a library for almost three years, I wanted to explore issues that affect libraries and archives as well as the book art world. Books have it in their nature to be handled; they are intimate objects whose feeling, texture, weight and smell are part of their artistic aura. Glass cases remove the experience of the work, and you are unable to see it in its entirety, however, having books out also has its disadvantages. Should we treat artists’ books as archival material? This is the point that the project starts from. “Micro-Pages” as an exhibition of books on microfilm is not an answer to the issues we are highlighting but will create a dialogue between the artists, the libraries and the public.

Since graduating my practice has evolved to focus on artists’ books. Recently my practice has been influenced by my day job in a library and archive. Stamping, shelving, archiving, tagging, cataloguing, microfilm reading & photocopying are but a few processes that occur in the library and archive from day to day. These processes, some mundane, some technical are seeping into my artistic practice and influencing my ideas.

‘Micro-Pages’ Project Aims:
– Creating and encouraging the opportunity to discuss artists’ books and their display as well as comparing artists’ books to the idea of traditional books and their use and the issues surrounding this.
– Encouraging engagement of public library users, members of the public who are culturally aware but do not know the genre, other artists to encourage cross disciplinary understanding of book art, and art & design students with Artists’ Books as an interest to them.
– Promoting libraries and archives.
– Promoting the book form as an artistic genre.
– Promoting artists who use the book form in their practice.
– Supporting emerging artists alongside established artists.
– To promote the traditional archival side of document preservation by using microfilm in a non traditional way.
– Encouraging Archivists and Information Management professionals to think about the limits of digital preservation.
– Encouraging research into these areas of interest both within arts circles and library and archive communities.

Please see the website for more: http://micropages.ning.com/

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