Micro-Pages - Exhibition Info

Hi all, been away from my blog for too long! So, here is a Micro-Pages update in several seperate posts. Please visit the new Micro-Pages website here: http://micropages.ning.com/ and feel free to join in and begin discussions.

The image below is not of the actual Micro-Pages microfilm reel, but it is roughly what it will look like!

Selected Artists:
- Sarah Bodman
- Lucy Harrison
- Esther Yarnold
- Dorothy Smallman
- Pilar Cortes
- Kim Pilgrim
- Lynne Williams
- Annabel Ralphs
- Kate Gallon
- Csaba Pal
- Laura Guy
- Borbonesa & Emitron
- Kit Merritt
- Hanne Matthiesen
- Ann Willmott
- Abigail Thomas
- Kerri Cushman

Dates & Venues (so far, other venues are still being discussed):
- 1st - 31st October 2009
Winchester School of Art Library

- 1st - 30th November 2009
UWE Bristol Bower Library

- 2nd - 13th November 2009
London South Bank University Library

- 1st November - 11th December 2009
Goldsmiths Library

- 1st - 7th December 2009
Paul Hamlyn Library, British Museum

- 4th - 31st January 2010
Bristol Central Library

- 1st - 5th February 2010
Glasgow School of Art Archives

Check back for more venues soon and more updates. And I wanted to show you all my organisation skills in the image below. It is a year wall planner with coloured dots for each day of the exhibition, each colour representing a different venue!


jackie said...

Well done, it all sounds incredibly complex to set up etc. I will make a note of the dates for Winchester.

Abigail Thomas said...

It has kinda taken over my life for a year or more! ;)