Exploring Structures - Pop-Up

Pop Up
A recent idea for a project left me with the conclusion I needed to make a pop-up book. Having never really attempted any pop-up book structures before I have just been playing around with simple practice runs on single sheets of paper; I think I have a long way to go!

first one, totally went wrong!

this was better but still not right

this one with the thinner pop-up band is much better and closer to a more professional look, but still; nothing amazing!

So I think for this project my blind blunders into the world of pop-up might suffice, as it is to be as simple a structure as possible. I will post more when I have had time to actually put some tests together in a book form to check they will still open the way I want them to... wish me luck, or send me tips if you have any handy hints to give me!


Margaret Cooter said...

Even the "simple" stuff can take forever to work the way you know it should and can....looking forward to seeing the outcome!

ronnie said...

pop up? oh boy! (sorry I have no experience whatsoever! only admiration for the the end results) - good luck (looks mighty intriguing so far....)

alison said...

Sorry no tips as not something I have ever tackled.Looks good to me though , best of luck and look forward to seeing the end result.

Paper Chipmunk said...

Pop-ups always seem like they should be easier than they turn out to be! I love the idea behind this. I'm interested to see how this progresses.