Following up on this post, and working on a short brief for uni, I have been playing around with tracing paper and transparency sheets again. 
[In these pictures I have been using my cutting board as a starting point; it is the place where most of my books get constructed and as such it has a book history to it. Many traces are left behind upon its surface. As I draw and trace the lines and marks onto the paper I feel like I am the conservationist or archivist who is documenting all the traces and damage to a particular document or object. As you look through the book you can see to the next page and the pages beyond; it is as if you are looking through time.]

[In these next pictures I have been experimenting with tracing parts of my own artistic archive, notebooks, slides, photos etc... They are not yet compiled into a book form as I am trying to find a suitable book structure that would compliment the content. Maybe re-working them into their own archive structure would be appropriate and would continue the cycle.]

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jackie said...

I like this idea, seems like it has plenty of potential. I'm not sure about pop ups, as accuracy and measuring is not really my thing. I did make a Tunnel Book at City Lit once, and like the result, if not the process.The book which won a prize at Bank Street Arts was a pop up book this year.